Friday, 17 July 2009

Rave-ing Mad.

Have a 30th birthday party, use Facebook to invite your friends and tell them they're welcome to stay the night. Put up a classy Woolworth's gazebo,

sort some music out, get the barbie going, sweet, everyone's happy.
Hang on, what's that noise?

Read the rest of this birthday treat in 21st C Britain here.

(And whilst you're at the excellent Register, get the real truth behind Sara Palin's disappearance from the public eye.)


  1. This barbie-bust is what I would characterize as a pisaddointment. The goo . . . hm, gotta mull that one some more. Your theory may have merit. Hairy strands and an unusual odor, hey? Anybody seen Gaddafi since he was in Rome?

  2. Feh. They figured out the goo. It's not Gaddafi.