Tuesday, 14 July 2009

For NL* (I've got a new camera!)

With the aid of my Canon TimeShot superdooper new bit of kit from pixel heaven, I managed to get this shot of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in a previous life.


  1. Yezz, I see the resemblances.

  2. Yep, Bill is out front.

  3. Hi Rodney,
    Direct from Tupelo MS USA (or thereabouts, Belden is close enough)
    This is a distinct improvement.
    It does not yet rise to the level of art but heh a sheep, a goat...It all lends it self to all sorts of interpretations regarding pols and their closest relatives and proclivities. It is especially relevant when directed from the country that provided us with Dolly(s)- Hello there...

    Nature Lover

    Bored? visit my photos at www.housleyphoto.com
    Somebody has to look occasionally.

  4. W00T, our Jawge found us! Now to go check out what you been snapping lately.

  5. Ah, good stuff. I especially like the Sedona pictures (Cathedral Rock in particular). Was through there once when we didn't have time to stay. A wintry day with snow coming on, very misty: atmospheric as hell but more than a bit vista-frustrating.

  6. Gawd. Can't wait to hear what you Brits have to say about Tone as EU president. Ptui.