Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Current consensus of variably informed  opinion/comment/ rumour is that P.L.Blake will be arrested this week after being indicted regarding the Lackey case. See you in court, Tom.
Please feel free to treat this as a "sticky", or perpetually open thread, on any aspect of this thrilling affair about which you may wish to comment.
I know two things about Spokane. The first is Robert Yates was a serial killer there and the second is that Steve Eugster hails from there. Steve followed the Scruggs affair, setting up a website called Wikiscruggs which was lost in Folo's shadow, then went PL crazy here and here until May 24th, then.......nothing. 
Maybe he's on holiday.


  1. Rodney, What a dearie you are. For those of us looking for PL, your post is like the tooth fairy to a six year old, the Easter Bunny to a seven year old and a Playboy to a fifteen year old.

    Maybe PL and Steve are both on holiday on a big ship that parted from the State of Washington with Caption and Crew all from the UK. Small world after all.

    Or, PL could be tutoring Steve on how to clip newspaper articles since there is still lots of tobacco fee money allocated for just that trade. Great post and thanks again for that tidbit from across the pond.

  2. There is lots of rumors flying about P L Blake, and my contact is out of contact along with the CL, Oxford Eagle and Daily Journal.

    Nothing + Nothing= Nothing.
    What the hell, it's just Mississippi.

  3. Welp, I've heard this third-hand too. But my best sources are off-grid right now (presumably NOT with PL and Steve), so I'm jes' hidin' & watchin' . . .

  4. Don't hide Lo, we need you. Great posts from you both, very entertaining and informative, keep it going. If Blake doesn't get indicted, somebody must ask some SERIOUS questions.

  5. "If Blake doesn't get indicted, somebody must ask some SERIOUS questions."

    Mississippians would like to know who is paying the tobacco fees while Scruggs/Scruggs/Patterson are in the pokey.

    Thanks Rodney for this forum.

  6. Hmm, Rodney. Following your link to WikiScruggs, I spot a couple of pretty bad misses in Steve's May 19, 2009, entry, "Tom Anderson and Dick Scruggs."

    He's confused his Mississippi Andersons, apparently. Though the headline spotlights TOM Anderson (a bigfoot Republican operative, close to Trent Lott), the Balducci-deposition transcript he's quoting shows the person under discussion in that part of the depo was GARY Anderson, a candidate for Mississippi Insurance Commissioner.

    Confusing things even further is that in the body of the post, he typed "Tom Freeland" where he obviously meant "Tom Anderson."

    Haven't checked his other entries for similar errors, but anybody reading there, BOLO.

  7. Some guy from England and some guy from Washington state? What do you know about MS?

  8. Hee, Anon, they got to be Scruggsiana experts reading a blog founded by a gal from Florida.

    Globalization hits even Calhoun County, doncha know!

  9. Too many people with smart mouths. You dont know who your dealing with.

  10. Not a folo reader then, Anon?

    Here, here's a start.


  12. Ah well, a troll. Do not feed.

  13. indicted? as i wrote yesterday sounds really hard to believe. opinion is wrong since no major newspaper or credible blog in mississippi or memphis has verified the "pulled from thin air" rumor in the past 24 hours.

  14. Have you so little positive things to do in your life that you spend your time writing this pidly blog taking wild shots with ungrounded rumors? What a sad little boy you are. A big hug is what you need.

    There are lots of great things you could do with your life, and it's not too late to start in that direction. Assuming you are intelligent and educated (despite creating rumors) - I'm sure you could put your energy to good use helping the many people who so desperately need it. You'll be amazed how rewarding it is.

    If you open your awareness, something will happen in the next few days to take you down a different path. Let it. Your days will be filled with joy and a feeling of contentment which you can hardly imagine at this moment while filling your days swimming in, and spreading, this scum.

  15. I think an apology is appropriateat this time for Mr. Blake, family and friends!

  16. Libel is the written word. Slander is spoken.

    There are two versions of defamation, libel and slander. Libel is when the defamation is written down (including email, bulletin boards and websites), and slander is when the incident relates to words spoken.

    In the UK, if someone thinks that what you wrote about them is either defamatory or damaging, the onus will be entirely on you to prove that your comments are true in court. In other words, if you make the claim, you've got to prove it!

    For example, if you said Peter Sutcliffe had never paid his TV licence in his life that would not be defamatory - or it is very unlikely to be. However, if you said the same about TV boss Greg Dyke, that would be.

    Why? Because Peter Sutcliffe's reputation will not be damaged by the TV licence revelation (he is after all a mass murderer). Of course, his lawyers would still be free to bring the case to court, but it is very unlikely they would succeed.

    Greg Dyke, on the other hand, runs the BBC , so to say he wilfully doesn't pay his TV licence could have a seriously detrimental effect on his career. He could be fired or his reputation damaged (note:Dyke has now left the BBC).

    It is not for the judge or jury (at the outset) to decide how damaged he is - they just have to confirm that such accusations are false and damaging. Then the judge and/or jury decide on monetary damages.