Monday, 2 April 2012

Corrie Kills!! Manchester Matricide!! Read all...

Where's Health and Safety when you need them?

Nottingham Crown Court heard Bartlam was "obsessed" with Coronation Street character John Stape - who battered stalker Charlotte Hoyle with a hammer before leaving her body in the wreckage of a tram crash.
Six weeks before he killed his mother with a claw hammer, mental health assessors concluded that Bartlam "demonstrates no mental illness or emergent mental health process" and was judged to be of little or no risk to himself or others.

The teenager accepted he killed his mother but claimed none of it was planned. Instead he claimed to have lost control due to the fact that her alleged insult was the "final trigger to a culmination of years of lack of emotional warmth and inappropriate parenting".

Bartlam was found guilty by a unanimous verdict in February after a two-week trial. As he was convicted, the teenager shouted out: "That's wrong. I'll appeal. It isn't over."

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