Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Say Hello, Caius.

The next sensational biker murder case is simmering in Western Massachusetts.

This one has everything: A murder, another couple of murders to cover up the first murder, a “secret burial ground,” the Hells Angels Berkshire County Charter, a hurricane, attempted snitching and colorful characters. Right this minute Julian Sher – international biker authority, investigative reporter, best selling author and confidante and sometime business partner of John Ciccone – is probably depositing his advance check.

So get used to seeing the guy in the mug shot above. His name is Caius D. Veiovis. Veiovis, also known as Roy Gutfinski, is not actually a member of the Hells Angels but expect to see him portrayed as one. He is by far the most photogenic of the suspects. Widely acclaimed ATF hero, best selling author and would-be screenwriter Jay Dobyns has already posted the mug shot to his Facebook page.

Lifted wholesale from the Aging Rebel, good to see you back.

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