Thursday, 14 May 2009

You're not our Darling!

CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling will be shown the door if he tries to buy a drop of his favourite tipple in any Porlock pub. 
Licensed premises in the village have banned the head of the Exchequer under their Pub Watch scheme, citing anti-social behaviour towards businesses and customers. 
Mr Darling’s crime - which has led to his ‘mugshot’ appearing on posters now displayed across Porlock - was to slap another two per cent on alcohol duty in the recent Budget. 
And Chris Taylor, landlord of the village’s Royal Oak, who came up with the idea, said: “That man won’t get a pint in Porlock. 
“It started as a bit of a giggle but there is a serious side to it. 
“This latest increase, which will put around five pence on a pint of beer, means that we will have had to swallow a total rise of 28 per cent since last November between the increases imposed by the Government and breweries. 
“Things are tough enough for everyone as it is. At least by imposing this ban and putting up posters shows our customers that we are trying to do something.” 
Mr Taylor said the ban had quickly won the support of all the village’s pubs, as well as the Lorna Doone Hotel and even the Porlock Hardware shop. 
“If Mr Darling ever walks into a country pub in this area, he will very quickly realise that he isn’t welcome. 
“Perhaps he will understand just how much this latest rise affects our lives and our families.” 
The UK’s ailing beer and pub industry is already under pressure, with an estimated 39 pubs closing every week. 

From the West Somerset Free Press.

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